Company History

My name is Ignacio Contreras and I am the owner of Integrity Auto Repair. I started working on cars in 1990 as a detailer, then came the opportunity to work as a lube technician in the bay area. In the meantime, I attended apprentice school to obtain automobile schooling and fulfill a career in the automotive industry. I worked many years at a dealership in the bay area and then local independent auto repair shops. As the years went by I continued to think about owning my own business. One of the many things that drove me to open a business was so that I could help my customers save money on repairs because of what I witnessed. I often saw how customers were taken advantage of by being offered repairs that were unnecessary. Therefore, after working in the auto industry for over 15 years, my family and I decided to open a small business in September 2005.

Years in Business

Integrity Auto Repair has been in business for 19 years.


Local: 209-409-3085

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